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Rod Wave #2

Rod Wave #2

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Rod Wave, also known as Rodarius Marcell Green, was born on August 27, 1998, in St Petersburg, Florida. After his parents split while he was in elementary school and his father went to jail, Rod Wave’s life changed enormously. His family inched closer to poverty, so he turned to the streets to find income. Rod Wave is a unique figure in the entertainment scene as his music is considered to be a modern take on the hybridity between hip hop and R&B. He mixes singing and rapping with ease, both styled to be very melodic. Rod wants to focus on lyrics and usually brings slower tempos to do so, with instruments brought in to help reflect the themes of the song clearly and deliberately. Another interesting mark of Rod Wave is that he deliberately chooses not to use studios for recording his songs. He sets up the equipment wherever he feels the urge and records there on the spot, just himself and another sound engineer. He chooses to record this way because it fits with how personal he finds the music is to him; he doesn’t want to enter a studio where hundreds of other artists go and record things they haven’t even written or seen before. Rod Wave wants the music and the process to feel distinctly his. 

7.5 oz. Heavy Weight

- Oversized/Relaxed with slight drop shoulder streetwear fit

- 100% USA cotton


100% Cotton

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